Some of Our Clients

  • PGHRC , India
  • Techno Logica s.r.l.,Italy
  • RossRunk Tech , Nigeria
  • FoxTech SAS , Italy
  • MetaSystem Infor.,Mexico

Odesk,Elance Certified in

  • Advanced PHP
  • PHP5
  • MYSQL Database Admin
  • Delphi 6
  • VB.Net
  • SEO
  • CSS 2.0
  • xHTML
  • HTML 4.0

What we had done

Web Designing

Purohit General Hospital and research center is an organization run by Dr.R.Purohit who specializes in Hysterectomy Operation and in the process has established a technique.They wanted to have a web site where they can inform and educate world fraternity about their technique.

Result was this web site developed by us which included user management,image gallery and playing video of the operations done by them.And they had success with the growing number of registration despite the subject focusing on a select group of users.Now the site is being used to inform about the training programs they are offering.

Clipper Conversion

A clipper conversion job done for the Techno Logica s.r.l.,Italy. In this conversion job we
recoded their existing application done in clipper using dbf table.Work involved migrating their existing table to mssql server database. We used one of our existing application to export the data.
Using the logic from the clipper application and source we converted the application using with sqlserver at the backend.The added advantage was it can now be used in multiuser environment and reports can be printed using printers connected to USB ports.

Database Conversion

This is one of the application that we did for ourself. During the process of clipper conversion,foxpro conversion,web application development we often felt the need to export existing dbf tables to server based databases.So we developed two application that would export the dbf tables to Mssql and Mysql databases exporting the entire database structure and existing data refining data for the server databases and adopting to server perquisites.
To all clipper conversion and foxpro conversion job we give one of this application as the need be so that clients can very well export their data to server database when they required to.

School Management

This is a complete school management package done for RossRunk Tech in Nigeria.The application was developed using C Sharpwith MSsql Serverat the back end.
Function included are complete student management-biodata,academic performance,intrest,grades,academic performance.The application is well supported with extensive reports for every function and is printed in USB printers.Application management function like backup,restore,repair and managing data .

Staff Management

This is a complete staff management module done for RossRunk Tech in Nigeria having complete details of the staff in an organization, their work histories,present status, benefit administration; performance reviews and payroll processing.
This is a Clipper conversion job coded in which a clipper application is updated to work in window32 .The application was recoded using C Sharp with MsSql Server in the back end.Reports are printed using in USB/lpt ports.

Web Application

This is a project management job done for FoxTech SAS , Italy.It has the function for the complete project management including cost calculation.It is a multi user application with provision for separate database for individual users which can be used by authenticated user only and restricted to their databases only.
This is also a clipper conversion job and though the source code and application were in the Italian language with input from the clients and on our initiative the application was recoded in Italian language with provision for use as a multi-language application.
It was done using PHP as the scripting language and MySql at the backend.
Reports are done in pdf using open source pdf library to output reports.

Project Management

This is a project management module.Operators are assigned for the particular job and schedule and update are updated by the administrators.Operators can update status of their works so that administrator has an updated information on the status of the project.
This is done using C Sharp with MsSql at the backend.The application was in spanish.However it was coded as an application in English with provision to use as a multi-language application including spanish.
The project was done for MetaSystem Informatica,Mexico.

Foxpro Conversion

A foxpro conversion job done for a share broker firm in India.They have an application to manage client portfolio and accounting.However reports were printed only in lpt printers.And they needed support for USB printing.
We developed an application in Delphi which when run as a standalone report printing appliction in the existing installation directory fetch data from the existing dbf tables and print the various reports using USB printers.