Some of Our Clients

  • PGHRC , India
  • Techno Logica s.r.l.,Italy
  • RossRunk Tech , Nigeria
  • FoxTech SAS , Italy
  • MetaSystem Infor.,Mexico

Odesk,Elance Certified in

  • Advanced PHP
  • PHP5
  • MYSQL Database Admin
  • Delphi 6
  • VB.Net
  • SEO
  • CSS 2.0
  • xHTML
  • HTML 4.0

What we do

We are offering services in the following fields.

  1. Clipper Conversion.
  2. Foxpro Conversion.
  3. Database Conversion.
  4. Custom Application Development
  5. Web Application
  6. Wordpress Customization

Clipper Conversion

Clipper has been the most used language to develop application in nineties.It produced effective and workable solution that run on DOS and to some extent on Windows 98.However with the advent of windows xp,vista and now Windows7 these application looses their usability for the simple reason that they can not be used in these OS .

Report in Clipper were directed to lpt ports. However since then lpt port is being replaced with USB ports and printers now available does not support lpt ports.So these reports can not be printed.
But the application is time tested and your personnel and clients are used to these application.

There we offer a solution by upgrading your clipper application to Windows 32 environment.We recode the entire logic in widely used RAD tools like Delphi and Visual studio.Results are you still use your application in windows xp or vista or Windows7 like you used to your dos application and get the reports printed in USB ports and also use your existing datas in the sql server.

For details on application we converted we suggest a visit to What we had done.

Foxpro conversion
FoxPro and old workhorse from Microsoft has been used widely as a application development platform.There have been though belated evolution into the windows environment in the shape of Visual foxpro.But this did not get prominence as much as foxpro which were used for developing application in DOS. There are lots and lots of foxpro application that are being used even today despite it being can not used in Vista and Windows7 because these are relevant even today,albeit with reduced functionality.
We convert these foxpro application to Windows 32 environment so that they can be used in Vista and Windows 7 OS. Reports can be directed to USB ports and existing data are still used just like before.

For details on application we converted we suggest a visit to What we had done.

Database Conversion

We offer our services to export your existing database which could be in dbf tables or db tables format to sql server database like MsSql and MySql.Advantage data collected over the years are still used efficiently and if required in multi-user environment.

For database conversion we have developed application that export dbf tables to MsSql Server and MySql server.We provide these application to our clients who can use them freely to export database as and when required.

These application has been coded in Delphi 6 however we also have alternative in php script which can be used in Database conversion.For a trial run of these application please use our contact form to contact us.

Custom Development

With years of experience in Application Development under our belt we are in a position to offer our service to Custom develop an application as required by you.

Use our Contact form to tell us what you need to be developed. And we will make an estimate of time and cost involved in coding your wish application and intimate you in a short time our solution with a perfect and just quote.We will provide regular updates to the status of your job and periodically send you developed application so that you can test the application as it is developed and hence reduce the time required for development and testing of application.

We can code your application in your choice language Delplhi, ,csharp and PHP . Do feel free to ask for a quote anytime.

Web Application

With the exponential growth of Internet in last some years more and more enterprise wants to join Internet as a solution to consolidate their enterprise even further.

Advantage are : Your product reaches the customers in no time.Your application are accessible to your clients and customers anytime anywhere.Updates are easy you just need to update your copy and the clients always use updated version of the application.Users can be allowed to use free/ or a for a price your application without bothering to install the application in their machine.License control are very easy in web application and there is no revenue loss due to pirated/cracked version of the application that eats into your revenue.

Wordpress customization

Wordpress is a very popular technology used in personal , enterprise and corporate blogging.This is an open source technology that is constantly update with security feature to make it a robust web designing application.Though primarily started as an initiative to allow the user to create fast and simple blogs. But over the period now being used to design non-blog web sites with full support for ajax,css and php script to use it full fledged web site development application.We used wordpress to export our entire site – a no-blog – into a web 2.0 compliant ,xhtml validated web site.

In fact wordpress user and community with their contribution has now made it possible to develop a web site for any purpose selling your stuff to internet users,inform the world about your achievement and service or social networking wordpress can be used effectively.

However with every technology comes its complication and if requirement are some what out of way it becomes complicated to use wordpress for your need. This is where we come into your picture.

we customize wordpess to suit your requirment and erect your web site as per your need and you gets a well secured,seo effective and spam free website where all you bother about is your development and nothing else.