Some of Our Clients

  • PGHRC , India
  • Techno Logica s.r.l.,Italy
  • RossRunk Tech , Nigeria
  • FoxTech SAS , Italy
  • MetaSystem Infor.,Mexico

Odesk,Elance Certified in

  • Advanced PHP
  • PHP5
  • MYSQL Database Admin
  • Delphi 6
  • VB.Net
  • SEO
  • CSS 2.0
  • xHTML
  • HTML 4.0

Welcome to Rahul Informatics

RahulInfo Since last 7 years has been engaged in Upgrading,Updating, Converting and Migrating Clipper and Foxpro Dos application.
Clipper and Foxpro were the two de facto languages widely used to develop Business and accounting application for the growing need of the pc revolution generated system savvy enterprises in the nineties.

These legacy application though has served well over the years are not compatible with the Windows environment. Using these application are becoming more and more problamatic with frequent system crash , data corruption , Network lock and unprintability.

What we can do..
Recreate the Application in Windows32 for environment
We can recreate your application in Windows32 environment so that they work flawlessly in WindowsXp or Window7.What you gets is an application that is still using your existing data, the same business logic and the same interface you are used to . Migration from dos base application to windows application would need no learning curve and you can continue using the application as you have been using the old dos application.
Migrate/Export your existing Database
We will export/migrate your existing database , using an application developed by us for this purpose ,to the Server Database like MsSql or MySql.No more problem with the indexing ,database corruption and you can work seamlessly in a multiuser environment with no network locking delays or considerations. Your database will be more secure and optimized.
Complete Clipper and Foxpro Conversion
We service every aspect of the Clipper , Foxpro application.If source codes are not available we can decompile the application for a consideration. We can add features to your need in the existing application you that you can continue using it with added features. We can do database optimization ,code resharping for slow running Clipper and Foxpro application. We provide a reporting solution that will print the reports using USB ports.

Our Clients..
Over the year we have developed a number of client from coming from USA,UK,Germany,Italy,Mexico and Nigeria not to forget India.
And they have reason to entrust us with further task when needed mainly because they found our works highly acceptable and well coded.
Our Skill set..
We have adequate skill to set undertake development using the following technologies which has passed the tests conducted by popular skill testing sites a reference of which can be provided on request.

  • Delphi 6 : Mostly for desktop application.
  • Csharp and : Application development.
  • Php : For web application.
  • Wordpress : For blog and websites.
  • Mysql Server : For backend database
  • MSSql Server: For backend database
  • Sqlite : For a simple database requirment

Sample of what we had done..
Over the period we have developed task centric application which can be used with ease by any organization as it involves often required task or cater to a particular service industry.

  1. Labrep : A complete solution for all reports generation by clinical,Hospital labs.
  2. dbf-mssql conversion: A custom application that can be used to export dbf tables used mostly in clipper and foxpro application to mssql database server.
  3. dbf-mysql conversion: A custom application that can be used to export dbf tables to mysql database server.

please visit our blog at in which we try and enlist help , tweaks and workaround that can be used in the process of developing softwares.

Thanks for visiting our site.You can have a look at the works done by us and you can contact us using our contact form.